The Bundestag Passed a Gigantic Supplementary Budget, Which Was Supported Almost Unanimously – 156 Billion Euros in New Debt and Guarantees of 600 Billion Euros

The debt brake was suspended in a separate vote in order to ensure the aids.

469 MPs voted in favor.

There were 3 votes against and 55 abstentions.


The total volume of the measures is 122.5 billion euros.

50 billion euros are planned for direct grants for small companies and stand-alone self-employed.

At the same time, the Federal Government expects the economic consequences of the Corona crisis to lower the tax-take by 33.5 billion euros.

The Parliament also decided on a rescue fund for ailing large-scale enterprises worth 600 billion euros.

This includes that the State can acquire participations in companies, if necessary. Potential State holdings should be privatized again when the crisis is over.