Our Story

The Diplomatic Weekly was founded as a news agency for the political center of Berlin.

The foundation is our long-time, close, and personal relationships of trust with members of the Bundestag of all parties, ministries, the Federal Foreign Office, associations, and high profile companies in Germany, with which we maintain regular information exchange.

Before the corona pandemic, our focus lied on the operation of content hubs for (various) members of the German Bundestag, associations, large companies, and some embassies.

In this context, we analyze current developments in German politics and economics on a daily basis, so that our clients can respond to them as part of their public relations work.


In the course of the corona crisis, the shutdown and the transition to work-from-home suddenly caused an information bottleneck as a great number of points-of-contact in ministries, associations, etc. were no longer possible and maintainable.

And so, we launched our weekly briefings for foreign diplomats on the German impact of the corona crisis with a small and very selected group of embassies.

These have been held on a weekly basis since mid-June this year.

For these briefings, we perform weekly analysis and curations of more than 300 reports, position papers, political statements, etc. from institutions such as the German Bundestag, parliamentary groups, state parliaments, authorities, trade associations, the media, but also from special events, etc.

Currently, we are inviting 30 selected embassies of various sizes to our weekly briefings.
From mid-August, we will open up our weekly briefings to all embassies.

If you are a member of a German or Foreign government body and should not have been invited to our briefings, please fill out the form below.

Join our exclusive briefings on the German economy, politics, and the German EU Presidency.

These briefings provide a summary of the most important news and trends of the week straight from the German Bundestag, State parliaments, ministries, MPs, associations, companies, and media.

The briefings take place in English and are free of charge.

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Note: Participation in our briefings is only possible for members of foreign embassies and government institutions.