About Us

Our Story

The Diplomatic Weekly was founded in 2019, as a special news agency for the political centre of Berlin.


The foundation of our business is our in-depth expertise on German politics and economy, as well as our long-time, close, and personal relationships of trust with members of the Bundestag, Federal ministries, the Foreign Office, associations, and high profile companies in Germany, with which we maintain regular information exchange.

What We Do

Our exclusive briefings

For foreign ministries and diplomats, we offer weekly briefings with summaries and in-depth analysis of the most important and on-going topics of German politics, economics, and culture.

For these briefings, The Diplomatic Weekly carries out weekly analyses and curations of more than 300 reports, position papers and political statements by various institutions such as the German Bundestag, parliamentary groups, state parliaments, authorities, trade associations, the media, as well as from important events.

News agency

Our news agency acts as a media and content hub for other media companies, various members of the German Bundestag, associations, and large enterprises.

In this context, The Diplomatic Weekly runs daily analyses of current developments in German politics and economics, so that our clients can respond to them as part of their public-relations work.

Exclusive background discussions

Our regular background-discussions and multilateral events provide efficient political and economic information-exchange between foreign government bodies, such as embassies and ministries, and German political institutions, associations, and major industry players.