Many Actors – Various Opinions

Our regular briefings offer foreign diplomats a 360-degree view of important trends and developments, as well as of the relevant opinions in Germany.

News Agency

The Diplomatic Weekly is a specialized diplomatic and political news agency.

Diplomatic Briefings

Our main focus is a weekly briefing for foreign diplomats on current developments in the following areas:

  • Agriculture
  • Mobility / Automotive
  • Tourism
  • Health Care
  • Digitalization
  • Economic and Foreign Policy.

To these briefings, we invite selected representatives from businesses, politics, and associations to provide a professional assessment and to network.

The briefings take place in English (currently as online meetings) and are free of charge.

The meetings are non-public and strictly confidential.

Permanent Membership

Permanent membership is possible upon personal invitation only.

Permanent Members have the right to participate in all diplomatic briefings and have preferred speaking rights.