The Diplomatic Weekly was originally founded in Berlin, 2019, as the Diplomatic Affairs News Agency, a specialised news and content agency that reported on the latest developments in German politics and diplomacy and presented corresponding key players from German politics, diplomacy, economy, and culture.

Back during the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown in Germany, most foreign embassies had lost contact with German ministries for several weeks because the ministries’ staff had moved to a home office work arrangement and thus were unreachable by phone or email. Within a week of the lockdown commencement, we then launched a new specialised weekly news briefing (online-video) with selected foreign embassies in Germany to help them track and keep abreast of Germany’s ongoing and latest responses to address both the Covid-19 pandemic and the recovery of its’ economy.


We support foreign government bodies to track and analyze economic and political developments in Germany, and attract foreign direct investment.

Our regular briefings engage German leaders from politics, associations, the private sector, and foreign diplomats to share expertise on issues at the intersection of business and policy.

The briefings take place in English (currently held as video conferences).

Participation for non-diplomats is possible upon personal invitation only.

News Service

For our exclusive briefings and newsletters, our news service each week analyzes and curates over 300 reports, position papers, political statements etc. from a range of institutions such as the German Bundestag, political parties, authorities, business associations, companies, the media, and key events.

Since April 2021 the Diplomatic Weekly is now part of the Foreign Council On Economic Relations.

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